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Meghan Quan, MS, CCC-SLP

Meghan Quan, MS, CCC-SLP, has over 5 years experience working in the medical setting at Phoenix Children’s Hospital and Cardon Children’s Medical Center in Arizona. She was a solid contributor to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital’s Swallowing Rehabilitation Clinic and Intensive Feeding Therapy Program for more than 3 years. Meghan specializes in the evaluation and treatment of infants and children with medical, sensory and behavioral feeding difficulties, including children who are fed by supplemental tube feeding. She partners closely with families, acknowledging the psychosocial impact on the family unit. She builds a foundation for successful oral eating, including achievement of age-appropriate oral motor skills, supporting nutritional diets and building  a positive relationship with the many layers of the mealtime experience.


Meghan, a native of Arizona, graduated from Northern Arizona University in May 2002 with a dual degree in Spanish and Elementary Education. After teaching high school Spanish for three years, she earned a Master’s of Science in Speech Language Pathology in 2008 from Northern Arizona University.