How do I teach a four year old how to hold a crayon?
Is there a correct way to help teach young children how to cut with scissors?

“Enhancing Fine Motor Skills in the Early Childhood Classroom”

This workshop will provide strategies and activities to foster fine motor skills in your students. Enhancing Fine Motor Skills in the early childhood classroom will provide teachers with practical suggestions to use in their classrooms. Learn how many of the materials you are already using in your classroom can be used to further develop children’s hand skills. Find out ways to incorporate the ideas into your math and language curriculum with ease. This hands on workshop will allow teachers to try out suggestions and bring back ideas to use in their classroom immediately without extra planning!!

What people are saying:

“I will definitely implement several of the fine motor skills before introducing writing and cutting with preschoolers.  I loved the simple and inexpensive tools Michelle suggested for using with the materials I already have in my classroom.

 – Kindergarten Teacher, Mercer County, NJ