Do you have a student in your class who can’t sit still, wiggles in his chair, and fidgets all day long?
How about a child who is often distracted by sights and sounds and is constantly putting things in his mouth
(his shirt, the end of his pencil, toys)?
Or how about the child who may touch his classmates with too much force?

“Incorporating Sensory Motor Strategies into the Classroom”

Incorporating Sensory Motor Strategies into the classroom will provide classroom teachers with practical suggestions to use in their classrooms. Teachers will learn why and how using sensory motor strategies throughout the school day can enhance attention and learning. This hands on workshop will allow teachers to try out suggestions and bring back ideas to use in their classroom immediately without extra planning!!

What people are saying:

“...Just wanted to thank you for a practical and informative session. Its noon on Monday and I have already used at least three of the suggestions you gave us from the workshop on Friday.  I can see them helping already.  It was great to have a day that was really tailored to our age group and needs.  Hope to see you again someday!"

  – Preschool Teacher, Salem County, NJ